Three years ago…


IMG_6220I embarked on my first solo trip to Europe, I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I chose London. I remember when I told my mom, she was so nervous. It’s one thing to travel all over the US for work but to go to a completely different country where I didn’t know a single person, that was a little terrifying for her.

I went with no itinerary, the only thing I booked was the hostel I was staying at, to try to give my poor mother some sort of peace of mind, but when I mentioned hostel, I think that probably made things worse.

I flew into Heathrow, which is one of the largest airports I’ve ever been to & followed the signs for the “Heathrow Express”, a train that takes you into Central London. I could have taken the “tube” (subway) into the city which would have cost about a fraction of what I paid for the train but taken twice as long. While waiting, I met a nice Irishman on the platform who gave me some tips for what to do during my visit. I was trying terribly hard not to smile, I’m a sucker for an English or Irish accent (any accent for that matter) & it didn’t hurt that he was in fact rather handsome.

After parting ways, I made it onto the train, exhausted from the flight, I had flown all night & been up roughly about 24 hours but I was running on adrenaline and just overwhelmed with emotion to finally be there. I got off at my stop with my backpack, suitcase & a local map in hand trying to find my way to the hostel so I could drop my bags off & explore the city. I walked around lost for about 45 minutes, by this point my feet were killing me, note to others, wear comfy sneakers or flats when traveling, save the fancy boots for a night on the town. I turned around, looked up from my map to realize I was staring at Big Ben. I stood frozen for what felt like an eternity & then I lost it. Tears streamed down my face, I just knew that in that moment, that’s exactly where I needed to be.

I was there for a total of three full days, I saw The London Eye, House of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Square, Chinatown, Canarby Street, London Aquarium, I had (several) pints with locals, took the Tube all on my own without (much) help, came across some beautiful cafes & met some amazing strangers in my hostel – some that were traveling through there to get to their next destination & some who were also traveling solo in search of something. To this day, it is still one of my most memorable trips.

I will never forget that feeling. I went through all sorts of emotions, nervous, anxious, excited, happy, you name it, I experienced it – I felt fufilled, THIS was the reason I became a Flight Attendant, to see the world.

Today is my birthday, a new year to celebrate my life & I’m making a promise to myself :

* I promise to say YES to New Adventures.

* I promise to say NO to what no longer serves me.

* I promise to continue to push myself & step out of my comfort zone.

* I promise to drink all the coffee.

This is my journey in keeping these promises.

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6 thoughts on “Three years ago…

  1. Sandra Castillo

    Beyond proud of you Bee! May this day be the 1st day of many new adventures and infinite dreams to fill your wanderlust soul!


  2. Aundi Moore

    Happy Birthday darling!!! Loved reading this! I hoping to do the same in the upcoming years; break free of things that don’t better me and just get out more for memorable adventures. Can’t wait to see you!!!!

    -Aundi ❤


    1. Thank you so much love!!! 🙂 Yesssss!!! This is our time to do what makes us happy & the rest doesn’t matter. Cheers to more adventures & happiness — can’t wait to see you!!! 💜


  3. Daniel / Find is

    How I envy your freedom to travel and see the world. Enjoy. Yoi are a great person. We love ya. One day we will go where you have been


    1. Aww but you guys have definitely logged your share of flight & travel hours too! You should definitely go see more of the world 🙂 thank you so much! Love y’all 💜


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